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Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)

17 Mar 2023

AC Architects have been keeping abreast of the latest planning law by reading up on Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG).

The new BNG requirements, which will apply to small sites* from April 2024, mean all new developments will need to provide 10% more or better quality natural habitat than there was before development.

The statutory biodiversity metric tool enables us as designers to calculate the number of biodiversity units an existing site has before development, and then how many biodiversity units are required in order to meet the improvement criteria. Biodiversity Net Gain can be achieved through on-site and off-site means.

To test out the biodiversity metric tool, we have carried out an example calculation based on hypothetically developing AC’s office site so we can see the steps we’d have to take to measurably improve biodiversity, on or off site.

More information is available at:

Understanding biodiversity net gain - GOV.UK ( Biodiversity Net Gain FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions | Local Government Association

*Where extending more than 25sqm.

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