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Sustainable House






The house is a super-insulated timber frame, clad in local hand-made Burwell bricks, with lime rendered side walls. The natural slate roofs incorporate rooflights, solar thermal panels and 12 photovoltaic panels wired into the national grid. Rainwater will be collected and used for toilets, cleaning and garden watering. Heating will be by a wood-burning stove and an air source heat pump using under-floor heating. Along with deciduous planting, solar shading is provided by external mesh blinds and a slatted roof overhang; windows have internal thermal blinds to prevent heat loss. A high level of air-tightness has been detailed throughout. Ventilation is provided with rooflights and through a whole-house heat recovery system.

The intention is to provide a “lifelong” home: the ground floor is wheelchair accessible, including an En Suite “wet” room, and stairs to the partial first floor are designed for the ambulant disabled.

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