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Refurbishment of a building of local interest






This building of local interest in central Cambridge was in need of urgent repair work after sitting empty for a number of years. The key aim and challenge was to maintain the building’s character and unique features whilst giving it a complete refurbishment.

Replacing the flat roof insulation and covering was critical, as damp had entered the building and was causing damage to the property. Thermal upgrades with added insulation, double glazing and a new hot and cold water system with underfloor heating were also key factors in making the house inhabitable again and improving the energy-efficiency of the building.

Wherever possible, original features that were still in good condition were kept, or if the damage was too great, were skillfully replicated. With the addition of a few modern touches, such as roof-lights and new bathroom and kitchen fittings, this property has been sensitively updated into a contemporary family home while still maintaining its quirky charm.

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